I Feel Ill

March 3rd, 2011 | Posted by:

If you still believe that interfaith work isn’t imperative to the health of our society, or that anti-Muslim bias is not an epidemic, please watch this video of a protest of a Muslim relief organization’s benefit dinner for a battered women’s shelter (if you can stomach it — it brought tears to my eyes). Hearing them chant “U.S.A.” alongside “terrorist,” “go home,” and “Muhammad was a pervert” made me more ashamed to be an American than I have ever felt before.


  • http://fatoneinthemiddle.com Heidi Anderson

    Yeah. Wow. Ill is not the word.

  • http://www.actlikehumans.com Act Like Humans

    Watching this video hurt. I don’t understand how people can be so angry and vile to another religion, yet turn around and claim to be Christian. “Christ-like” does not describe those people yelling “It’s one nation under God, not Muhammad!”

    Thanks for sharing, sometimes we need to see worst in order to learn how we can be our best.

  • http://www.clevelandskeptics.org G

    And if an Atheist dare say they don’t believe in a god in front of these people, how much you want to bet they’d start screaming, “MILITANT ATHEIST! You are so mean!”

    I love how they recognize that they would dislike it if it were “One Nation Under Allah”. They don’t give a $%# about freedom of religion, only freedom for their own.

  • http://kaleenamenke.blogspot.com Kaleena

    I’m so disgusted and ashamed!

  • rudy

    those people make me sick to my stomach…

    thanks for posting this. Sometimes I’m proud to say I’m an American…..

    not right now.

  • Ruthie

    Disgusting. Total hypocrisy. It confuses me when people hate on religion, based on religion. Like the one woman who yells “One nation under God, not Allah”, she has missed the point completely. Too many people take their negative, limited, close minded views of the world, tact God onto it, and act as if no one can argue with them. If God doesn’t encourage you to be kind, loving and compassionate, maybe it’s time to reassess your ideas about God.

  • Miguel

    The hypocrisy and myopia of these Christians is appalling, apparently they haven’t read their own Holy book which has verse just as odious and anti-human as the Koran. As much as I criticize multiculturalism in certain regards, this is sick and disgusting. Wow, they screamed this filth at CHILDREN. I am reminded of scenes from the 50′s where WASPS stood then as now, preaching their hate

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